On January the 11th 2020, I had the honour of being invited to talk on psychological domination, by the FemDom legend and scene matriarch Madame Caramel. This happened at a lifestyle and professional Female Domination event that brought many enthusiasts of FemDom together in a relaxed and opulent setting.


Ever since I started reading about Female Domination about ten years ago, a place has captivated my attention, a magic place where female domination is not an exception, but a rule and style of life.

This mythical place that has captivated us all for more than 20 years is the Other World Kingdom in the Czech republic. Otherwise known as the Womania Empire.

According to Wikipedia, “It provided a D/s environment of a size and consistency not available at any other facility in the world.”

A different Kind of Domestic Goddess

Some of you asked me for spanking tips for a beginner. I am also often told my spanking is very pleasurable and to those curious to understand why, I have decided to share my tips, coming from 5/6 years of experience.

I brought together these tips that I hope will…

Legislation that hit like lightning. It left us all confused and angry, but also united and charged. It has to be said, it’s exciting and uplifting to overcome oppression with hi tech. Sex workers have been bubbling with energy, signing up on VPNs and LLC, migrating to sex work ran social media; using crypto etc.

But you have to wonder what happens to the parameters of your civil liberties in the meanwhile though.

Beyond the blow to our financial interest, what Fosta and Sesta do is advance totalitarianism via an avenue very hardly challenged (“dirty sex”, pornography and sex workers), and they’ve got to be…

Same Hell, different devil.

It is a widely known fact that despite millenary Church efforts to the opposite, we are still in fact biological creatures the survival of which depends on the exertion of our sexual function. Disgusting, I know, but nature really has no shame. Instead of evolving us to be angelic elves that reproduce by mitosis, it gave us sex, pussy, dick, climax, ass, and …kids. Utterly classless, I concur. Take it up with the dirty git.

It is for this fact that fucking, fantasy and wanking have a bad habit of being mentally compulsive, dictatorial in their urgency, rather. …

Eros and Athens

The points below are by no means new; there is already a movement of kinksters and sex workers of all kinds calling attention to the walls closing in on our sexual freedoms. But, because of its important reach beyond the realm of sexuality into the realm of human rights, it…

This is an article I’ve written two years ago with the first ATVOD regulations banning types of porn. It seems tragically more current now, when all porn and perversion are under attack, on many fronts. How deep in the underground will we end up?

BDSM lifestyle under attack

Much and well has been written…

This is a movement of METANOIA…A political understanding. Could be your very moment of enlightenment. The full path is a time-lengthy revelation, the most devoted get to grasp fully while the superficial graze by.

By the amount of sexual addiction that brought you to the candle-lit corners of BDSM Internet…


Alternative perspectives on sexual dissidence.

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