3 min readJan 25, 2023
A Victorian Bawdy House fantasy clip series for the alternatively perverted

One day Madam Eris Martinet woke up from two mad pandemic years and checked her clip store.

It turns out, despite the cruel neglect she subjected her clip subjects to, the trail of aesthetic erotic crumbs she left pre-pandemic was still feeding a lot of hungry… souls.

She immediately felt pensive, even regretful of such neglect; so she scavenged through old hard drives and rescued a gem of a movie, that she never released, yet she frequently taunted her audience with it: the series called ‘Harlot Education’. Now this, shot in the early days before the apocalypse, in London — was a true aesthetic festival of sexy and historic imagery. With the lively, witty and pretty Nicky Montford in the role of the Ingenue signing up to be a young harlot — Eris bounced off her a savoury and tongue in cheek dialogue that leaps from the pages of porn and into post modern self aware reflection on the condition of the female in the sexual trade/or owner of such trade, in the capacity of a Madam. The delicious and ironic dialogue is delivered with such sexy charm as to make you think while your hand slips in the nether regions titillated by the visual delights.

Does Madam Martinet find herself in the role of the Madam educating young harlots? Subjecting them to tender perversions with the supposed goal of getting them nice and ready tanned for ‘culls’? We’ll never know. But if you want to answer that question, get in touch and write to Madam Martinet directly — she likes such intellectual dialogue on the topics of pervery and historic harlotry.

As she spanks young Nicky, Eris applies each slap with gusto, each slap on the tender bottom of the victim rendered an epic show — her graceful gestures, her devilish grin of cruel pleasure, is a show to behold. Not only does Eris delight in the pain applied — she delights in holding this young woman in her powers, nurturing her on a path of perversion, professing to be caring, yet interested in her investment. Almost like a musing on the very fine ‘pervery’/unfairness embedded in the nature of business — any business; only the unfortunate Victorian sex trade reveals the aspects of trade more evidently and in a more visual manner, which Eris is all the more happy to embody and give sexy definition to.

Nicky Montford acting the role of the young aspiring harlot

As Madam Eris professes to be a gentle teacher to this young woman stepping into an uncertain commercial path, full of dangers and also sexual excitement, are we looking at a sexy wolf in sheep’s clothes? Are we witnessing a predator with a soft voice and lovely smile who grabs the destiny of the innocent girl into her greedy hands, only to release her to vicious, greedy men with hands full of lust? Hm… we’ll never know. Or will we?
Write your opinions. reviews. Impressions.

Here is one finely written critique from an eminent peer in Eris’ line of true female domination:

‘Uh the top’s acting here is charming the hell out of me; Eris Martinet didn’t just make love to the camera. She seduced it into proposing on the spot, and wrestled control of its inherited business from its grasping relatives.’

(Miss Pearl)

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