3 min readJan 25, 2017

This is a movement of METANOIA…A political understanding. Could be your very moment of enlightenment. The full path is a time-lengthy revelation, the most devoted get to grasp fully while the superficial graze by.

By the amount of sexual addiction that brought you to the candle-lit corners of BDSM Internet, it’s apparent you need guidance. You seek gratification, and deep inside you, lies an unconscious desire for more. Your body knows there is more truth to the contradictions of your sexual desires and your daily mundanity, thoughtless, drone-like. I am here to dissipate your illusions, and give you more than “fetishistic “thrill: comprehension. Solace. A framework.

Mistress understands.

For me, the only way to be is (feminine) dominance. For you, there is the beauty of male obedience. The release through sacrifice. The next best thing to being IT, is earning the indulgence and attention of your superior. your sincerity and humility in falling in my circle is rewarded.

There is no owning my time, my attention. I indulge this at my total discretion.

But there is paying tribute. Getting access to the elegant, intellectual presence of a superior female. You cannot escape, but you can help me elevate. That is the closest you can get. There is nothing you can offer me but your sacrifice. There is value in male devotion. For a female dominant of high caliber, that is your sole redeeming use. You’re already aware the world sees you askew; the average female won’t understand. A secret torments you and you’re always afraid of being found out. It truly is only the dominant female that understands. But at what cost!

Think of it. You’re never really above everybody else in contemporary reality. Unless you are the top of the power pyramid. Equality, mere spin. Now, here, there is a strict hierarchy. You may be above a physical amount beneath you in status and power, but you always respond to someone else. You’re conditioned to appear dominant while in fact your status, money, prestige, hangs by a thread. And the amount of fragility of this status is greater than the illusory power you have over those below.

You’ve been sold a lie.

That lie is the very product of an intricate social machine, that created technological realities + controlling ideologies.

But you are still a human, and as such, a creature of instinct. The sexual instincts made this reality possible, but you are now supposed to pretend you don’t have them; unless they’re “polite”; “normal”.

Natural rapports of power are sincere, if brutal. Coded in our sexuality, that always tells the truth. They weld social structures together. A vestige of the past. You can’t get rid of it. It’s overpowering.

I understand. How heavy the burden is. Addiction… Frustration of pent-up desire…Repression, lies… maintenance of manly appearance, consuming. And real dommes are so rare…No matter how much distance you’ve put between you and your base self, instinct refuses to let go of the iron grasp over your psyche. And you’re TORN.

While I delight in any measure of male suffering — as that most elegant natural creature, the predator — I also …yes, feel…for you.

I am the counterpart. I offer superior titillation, solace, comprehension. I enjoy and cultivate your psychosexual woes and guide you at the same time. AT A COST. you’ll pay for this. you’ll be subjugated. But in this subjugation, you’ll find freedom.

“Second in Rome rather than first in a village”…no?

I am a living masterpiece…my own work of art. Captivating is an understatement. By being drawn to me, you unconsciously recognize real power; beyond social constructs/artificial hierarchies in a capitalist machine. A natural, organic submission to the historic and progressive echoes of Divinity… embodied by Me.

Your desire, sacrifice on the altar of something greater. And thus it begins…