Legislation that hit like lightning. It left us all confused and angry, but also united and charged. It has to be said, it’s exciting and uplifting to overcome oppression with hi tech. Sex workers have been bubbling with energy, signing up on VPNs and LLC, migrating to sex work ran social media; using crypto etc.

But you have to wonder what happens to the parameters of your civil liberties in the meanwhile though.

What if they use AI to centralize and analyze all the massive data they collect on us every step we take, every air we breathe… and then no VPN and no offshoring can help you anymore. Shit’s getting VERY FUCKING REAL, and we, sex workers, are the first to feel it.

This bill’s real purveyors are not hypocritical, they know what they’re doing; and they’re not likely to be elected out of office either, as it’s not just the GOP. The Dems are pretty much of the same ilk. The bill is in line with the long term policy of and strategy of US and UK. The real purpose this law is product testing is people’s reaction to the removal of Section 230, so it’s open season on freedom of speech. And of course, the stealth way to test this is on the whores, as no one dares stand up for the sexual outcasts. In time, if this stays unopposed, they will apply the publisher’s liability for third party content to everything. So for instance, Twitter will be held accountable if you say something that can vaguely be construed to be “promoting terrorism”. In UK, animal rights activists, anti fracking activists and anti capitalists are on government “terrorist” lists. Make your own inference what this can mean on the long term.

They’re basically product testing totalitarianism on sex workers, because no one dares stand for the “whores”.

*where whore is every sexual outcast they don’t like.

This is the end of the golden age of female agency in sex biz.

Fosta/Sesta will end up pushing more vulnerable sex workers into the arms of the traffickers — the opposite of what it seeks to do. Online advertising allowed women to be in charge of their adult business, financial autonomy and online safety tools. This eliminates those tools. A large segment of the most vulnerable of them will be pushed into the arms of pimps, poverty, or even trafficking.

Alternative perspectives on sexual dissidence.