It is not every day that I have time to sit and arrange my thoughts these days. Modern life is way too busy, and I am certain there is a way to order reality that doesn’t involve all of us forever competing for attention in a world bombarded with output every day. Human invention and productiveness is in overdrive. I worry that the pressure to perpetually put forth content that all dommes — and performers and artists in general, are pressured to produce in order to stay visible, is weakening the quality and integrity of the output. But competition is a subtle and lethal weed.. and we can all do little but momentarily bow to its dictate.

I had a particularly busy year. I wish I could write more, read and think more, and participate in politics more.

Instead, I was given to artistic projects of an erotic nature which occupied the grand part of 3 months:

I was used to shooting clips for my online stores, but I hadn’t yet had the chance to try my hand at more serious movie production. This project — Anthea and Melissa — came pretty close. I was approached by a producer (who wants to stay anonymous), and given a budget and a script.

I decided to do most of the work myself. Apart from playing the other roles (LOL!), I acted, directed, filmed parts, and edited all myself. Some of the camera work is subpar thanks to poor rushed choice on camera handling and lack of time and expertise in lighting in a small venue. But that’s criticism from a cinematic point of view — not from a clip point of view. The series did very well in clip sales, and occupied the number one position in its relevant category on Clips4Sale for a month.

Editing the movie — pushed in between my two summer vacations — took one month of being shut indoors, on my laptop. This took a toll on my health — my doctor told me I am vitamin D deficient. I felt tired, fat. It was the first month of my life spent fully indoors with very little gym and awful takeaways. I became obsessed. Editing to a high standard, with many cuts, and all sorts of innovations.. involved learning new tricks and software and endlessly polishing. I suspect I shall still be polishing this movie for a while… though at the end of the month, when the work was promoted, uploaded and up for sale, I was happy to throw myself into a Transylvanian road trip back to my medieval roots, eating loads of Romanian food, laying in the sunshine, and drinking the fresh autumn wine with plum tart and baked quince.

Transylvania, mon amour — it healed me

I just returned from my vacay. And I feel refreshed. Though a lot of work still awaits me. I feel I need help. I need assistants. Staff. People to help. Paid and slaves. I am a broad spectrum economist .. :).

I need cleaning, accounting, marketing, massage, .. done for me. It’s flattering to feel l’uomo universale… but a time comes when you need to focus on one thing, and do it exceptionally well. I have been doing everything myself for a long time. My photography, editing, websites, marketing, .. I am tired. I still want to keep control of my aesthetic and produce everything myself visually. But if you know anything or anyone who can help with the others, please shout.

If you are a reliable admirer with poor cash offerings but time and expertise.. now is the time to exit the shadows and make yourself visible and useful.

If you know a tremendous marketing talent who doesn’t charge the earth, I will be their eager customer.

If you just want to help by supporting my femdom work, such as it is,.. donate. Help in small ways. Money talks. A domme’s life may look lavish but it is exceptionally expensive.

Take care, my peers and underlings, and may we all have an exceptional fall with gentle weather and lucrative/fulfilling endeavours.

Eris xo

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