This is an article I’ve written two years ago with the first ATVOD regulations banning types of porn. It seems tragically more current now, when all porn and perversion are under attack, on many fronts. How deep in the underground will we end up?

BDSM lifestyle under attack

Much and well has been written in the past two days on the topic of censorship in relationship to the new porn law. I experienced many successive stages, all involving atypical anger. I do not like to be censored and I love my porn.

My view is that this is not just about the several kinks that were banned — this is more about the millennial, perennial desire of the “select” few to regulate the masses. I think this is a new, modern flavour of totalitarianism — an information totalitarianism, where the righteous state (they’re always righteous, aren’t they? The road to hell is paved with good intent) tells people what they can do, because a group of old, possible paedophiles know better about my desire than myself.

I like kink, in fact I sort of made it my life. I like it because it is deeply ingrained in the biological reality of us, and perhaps, other animals; as complex, brutal, ecstatic, paradoxical as it is, it’s a dear slice of Heaven; unlike the douche bags in power, I am deeply aware time is limited here on earth and I do not plan to waste it looking left and right and asking for permission every time I jerk off to something complicated and dramatic. Yes, kink is dramatic. BDSM is like a Hollywood movie for our own sexual projection. Pissing, fisting, female ejaculation, whipping, verbal abuse, depictions of sexual violence — they are fetishes within a realm that is ecstatic; as in, a very powerful, and almost religious concoction of brain chemicals, that exhilarates at once as heals. Consensual sexual violence is complicated and looks worse than it feels. It looks like real degradation on the outside; feels like the best approximation of paradise we can get at this point in history — perhaps the lesson is that, instead of banning the whole lot as an offense to the delicate sensibilities of some — we should contemplate why, exactly, do we cross degradation to reach ecstasy. And of course, such a complicated issue — can only be a question for scientists. Get the scientists to investigate why we like BDSM. It seems like all of us do, to some extent. Sex is never equal. There is always a power rapport translated in kinks.The newly forbidden kinks are some of the tame expressions within BDSM — and quite universal, too. Cleverer creatures would wonder: if an activity gives me an orgasm and fulfilment, even though it looks “disgusting” — maybe the definition of disgusting should be rewritten, and sensibilities should be less delicate. Smarter politicians would sit and think like analysts — what if so many people like this because evolution intended so? What if so many people liking it means it’s not wrong? And maybe I should let go of the religious bullshit that scathes all sex and pleasure and tries to make us all into conforming retards throwing this life away for a chance in imaginary afterlife?

Alas, smarter politicians don’t exist. Which is puzzling, because they did benefit the best education money can buy, and have unbridled access to knowledge. Yet with it, they choose to regress this progressive society back into the Middle Ages.

I don’t take easily to censorship. I come from the former gulag, and I saw people die for freedom when I was a kid. It may sound ridiculous to compare that to the right to wank to kinky porn; but it’s not, when your identity is strongly defined by BDSM and suddenly, the state tells you what you do is immoral and offensive to others. I have few pleasures as intense and reliable as BDSM porn, and I don’t want to have to buy kinky DVDs from pushers in a van just because some vile politicians who bankrupt nations and cheat on their wives decide it’s wrong.

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