The Other World Kingdom

Ever since I started reading about Female Domination about ten years ago, a place has captivated my attention, a magic place where female domination is not an exception, but a rule and style of life.

3 min readMay 23, 2019


This mythical place that has captivated us all for more than 20 years is the Other World Kingdom in the Czech republic. Otherwise known as the Womania Empire.

According to Wikipedia, “It provided a D/s environment of a size and consistency not available at any other facility in the world.”

Men existing in a state of captivity and subservience to a collective of powerful women — this has been a powerful fantasy for most anyone with an interest in FemDom.

To my great honour, I was accepted as a visiting Domme last year.

I have just returned from my first visit to the Kingdom. And the elation, more than a week on, is still strong.

I have filmed several scenes of domination with the available slaves. You will be able to enjoy these memorable scenes in the upcoming weeks or months in my clip store.

The whole trip felt like an initiation journey. I arrived in Prague on the 8th of May. As soon as I saw the city, I knew I was in love. The old European charm that has captivated me all my life is still intact in this gorgeous city. Apart from the fact that many Czech people do not speak fluent English (which gives the whole thing a surreal dimension!), I found friendly, genuine faces and an incredible local cuisine.


The second stage of the initiation journey began the next day, when I was collected by a slave and we drove off to the castle.

Few words can describe the joy of being in such a space.

The quality of the people I’ve met. The incredible conversations, and the feeling of being part of such a mythical place where women RULE.

I was approached in by the gorgeous Mistress Luna with a view to collaborate on filming a scene. When I finally met her, I was struck by her beauty, warmth, kindness and also — GENUINE dominance. I realized I was talking to an institution of Romanian female domination, a Lady who has been living this lifestyle long before I knew how to spell “kinkster”. I was proud to hear Mistress Luna was the first Romanian Domina to be made a citizen of the Other World Kingdom.

The next day I had the unforgettable pleasure of meeting the famous Mistress Ezada. Another legend of international FemDom, who has been captivating me for years with her authentic journey. Meeting Her in person was a revelation, as her intellect, gracious manners and curiosity were as powerful in person as her sexual power is apparent online.

It seems like Romanian female domination is rising and I am proud to be part of this new trend, as an (expat) Romanian domme myself.

Photo taken at the Other World Kingdom/Womania Empire. Posted with permission.

I shot great content with the slaves who made themselves available there.

A sample is on the left.

As soon as the Other World Kingdom will send over the clips, I will make them available in my clip store. My real fans and supporters will wait for Me to edit them and upload them in my own store, which comes a short while after the OWK uploads them.

Until then, you can complete your collection with my most recent filmed adventures with personal subs:

With great gratitude to Queen Patricia of the Other World Kingdom who has created this marvelous space for women who believe in female superiority and dominance to lavish themselves and use men at their leisure. A true iconoclast of FemDom, may She long prosper and the Her project likewise!

Be good & until next time!




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